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…a podcast (launching January 17th) to share stories of successful women, in various fields, who are ambitious for themselves and each other.

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This Week's Guest
Petra Kassun-Mutch, Founder of Liisbeth.com and Eve-Volution
Stay Tuned...
Next week: Ann Garvin, Author, Professor and Entrepreneur
A Brief Intro...

Business Coaching for Women

Hi! I’m Janet...

I'm a business/career transition coach (beambitiousforher.com) who helps women connect their values and ambitions, then move forward from the transition points where we can get stuck. Whether that's negotiating a first salary after graduation, feeling ready for a promotion or raise, returning from work after maternity leave, or launching a completely new career or business. 

The She Breaks The Mold podcast was born from my desire to share the rich conversations I was having with so many inspiring women! I'll introduce you to women who break the mold by unapologetically living their ambitious dreams, and who want to be ambitious for you to do the same.

Join us for a new conversation every Wednesday!

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