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I help you connect your values with your ambition so you can free yourself from career sticky points.

Marketers like me learn early that jumping right into execution mode (the doing) and skipping over strategizing (the planning) will usually result in a failed project. Or at least one with lacklustre results.

Even though we learn this early in our careers, it’s still the first thing I had to remind: 

  • clients when I worked at an ad agency; 
  • product managers when I managed a Marketing Services department at a financial services company; 
  • my (marketer) husband when he launched his tech startup and I was the one drafting PR plans and writing the website; and 
  • my startup clients at an innovation accelerator.

Noticing this pattern throughout my years in marketing, helped me see that the same problem comes up when we’re designing our careers. Let’s face it – the planning part is HARD. We’re all so anxious to get to the juicy, fun parts of our jobs! Where we kick ass, earn our dream salaries and go home intellectually and personally fulfilled at the end of every day, right?

Problem is, we tend to skip over the part that gets in touch with what’s most important to us. Ever hear the saying, “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”? Similarly, we can convince ourselves pretty much any job/career is the right one, if all we care about is having one and we haven’t done the work to decide what’s important to us in our careers. 

To make matters worse, women are socialized to nurture – to care for others before ourselves. Which often means we place our own career goals and ambitions on the back burner (sexist kitchen reference totally planned!) while we prioritize family, lifestyle, and others before ourselves.

So it’s no surprise many of us end up working for less than we’re worth, harder instead of smarter, and dreaming of that far-off day when we finally have the fulfilling career we want instead of the one we feel stuck with.

That’s why I became a coach.

I want to help you rewind to the planning stage, put the focus back on you, and help you identify your goals – your AMBITION (there, I said it). Then align that with your personal values so you can create a plan to succeed.

The journey to designing your unique, authentic path to success is a big part of the fun! And when you’re doing work that lines up with what’s really important to you, work becomes so much easier…so much more engaging….and yes, even fun!

My coaching site, Be Ambitious For Her, is launching soon! In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy listening to my podcast guests who have probably been where you are, and found ways around their challenges through a combination of careful planning, making some mistakes, but most importantly, staying true to their values and ambitions.

Start with your values – what’s important to you, how you define success, what you know for sure.

Prioritize you – Identify your goals, dreams, ambitions. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? 

Create a plan that blends both, and move forward with confidence.

Be Ambitious For Her - grow dreams at Shebreaksthemold,com

Be Ambitious For Her™

What does that even mean? And how can YOU do it?
  • Be ambitious for yourself – the future you! Identify the jobs, roles, industries and big ideas/problems you want to solve that light a fire under you (ambitions!) and create tangible steps to get there
  • Lift up and promote other women doing a great job, being ambitious for themselves and others. The rising tide raises all ships!
  • Provide opportunities for young women to be ambitious for themselves in your organizations and sponsor their career development.

Be Ambitious For Her
Coaching for women at career transition points

Facing a transition point in your career? Ready for a raise, promotion, or to try something new but not sure what the next step is? 

Click the link below to schedule your FREE 45-minute coaching session with Janet Whalen at Be Ambitious For Her today:

How can coaching help you?

  • Identify blind spots - those things, ideas or beliefs that are blocking your success and keeping you stuck.
  • Helps you embrace and become more comfortable with change.
  • Provides a safe, supportive environment to explore your values, motivations and ambitions
  • Gives you the confidence of knowing you have all the tools you need to move ahead