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Want to be a guest of the She Breaks The Mold podcast?

Want to be a podcast guest?

I’m looking for women with diverse backgrounds to tell their stories of breaking the mold at work. If you’re a man supporting women who break the mold, I would love to talk to you too!

My ideal guest can say “YES” to one or more of the following:

  • sought after for her unique solutions to problems everyday women face at work
  • a role model for girls/women in a field traditionally dominated by men
  • leads by an example of integrity and courage, and considers her voice one of her most powerful assets
  • believes in elevating other women vs. competing with them (being ambitious for her)
  • may/may not consider herself ambitious, but others definitely would
  • leads (or is a leader in) an organization with a definite goal to improve the work lives of women 
  • above all, wants to make the work world more fair, equitable and rewarding for anyone identifying as female.
Be Ambitious For Her - Business and Career Transition coaching for women

– Career transition/business coaching programs for women who want more from work –

Are you:

  • A recent graduate looking for help negotiating your first salary? Not feeling confident in interviews?
  • Feeling stuck at a transition point in your career?
  • Ready for a raise or promotion but not sure how to go after it?
  • Looking to change direction completely in your career but feeling hesitant?

It’s time to be ambitious for yourself! I’m already ambitious for you – let’s work together so you feel it too! Special programs and rates available while I complete my coaching certification in 2018. Click SUBSCRIBE below to be notified when the Be Ambitious For Her site launches or contact me now for more information.